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School Activities, a Stomach Bug, and an Adventure in Nebraska

So maybe I wasn’t realistic when I stated that I would blog once a week. I just can’t seem to find the time to blog more than once or twice a month, apparently. Maybe, hopefully, I can blog more often … Continue reading

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An Opportunity

My son is being transformed, right before my eyes. He’s almost sixteen, and there have been quite a few growing pains, in the past year especially. The teen years are challenging, exciting, and mentally and emotionally exhausting. For the kids … Continue reading

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Family Updates

We’re finally settling in to the whole school routine. Last week was the first week the kids had a full five days of school, and they were exhausted by Friday. We’re still having crazy 100-mile-an-hour windstorms, but our daily lives … Continue reading

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An Anniversary, School, Internet Theft and British TV

I realize I haven’t written anything in quite awhile – nearly two weeks have passed since my last post. But now that school is back in session, I’m going to take a little time out of my day and write. … Continue reading

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So Long, Farewell, to Third, Seventh and Ninth Grades

The school year is officially over here in Anchorage. With the extended hours of daylight (over 17), plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures hovering around 60, it’s definitely time to be done with school and soaking up some sun. Although … Continue reading

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Love Bugs

Tuesday of this week, of course, was Valentine’s Day. I’ve always thought that it was a bit silly for elementary school kids to exchange valentines on this “holiday” that is really not a holiday but is something dreamed up by … Continue reading

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Homework Project

Over the Christmas break, Kate’s teacher assigned this project to the class – build a snowman. That’s it. At some time over the two-week break, go outside, make a snowman, and take a picture of it. Easier said than done. … Continue reading

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