August Adventures

Summer has flown by, as usual. Each summer seems to be busier than the last. But I can’t complain, we had amazing weather and some fantastic experiences.

Since my last post nearly a month ago, we’ve had lots going on in our family. Kyle’s friend from the Lower 48 stayed with us for a week, Sarah went to Victory Bible Camp for two weeks where she participated in their Servant and Leadership Training program (SALT), and my parents flew here from Arkansas to stay with us for three weeks.

While my parents were here, we celebrated two wedding anniversaries. Mark and I celebrated 24 years of marriage and my parents celebrated 48. Forty-eight years! Kind of makes our 24 not quite as impressive.

Some of the activities we did with my parents included hiking, going to Walmart half a dozen times, going to Costco to get them new cell phones, going to the AT&T store to figure out the new cell phones, and taking a couple of scenic drives. We also drove downtown to see all the beautiful flowers and to catch a glimpse of salmon swimming in a river that runs through the downtown area.

Here’s a photo from our hike – sorry, there are no pictures of Costco and Walmart.


The Thunderbird Falls hike is one of my favorites. There is a waterfall at the end of the hike and the scenery is spectacular.

One Sunday afternoon we drove to a wildlife preserve to see moose, bears and caribou, among other animals, in their natural surroundings. And we saw moose in other surroundings – my neighborhood.


Mark, Kyle and Dad went on a man’s weekend fishing trip (at 3 am) while we girls went to garage sales, a fabric store and had lunch at a Thai restaurant. We all had fun on our separate outings, and once again Kyle caught an impressive fish.


My mom was a very busy seamstress while she stayed with us. She sewed two tablecloths for me, three skirts for Kate, and a skirt for Sarah (and gave Sarah sewing lessons along the way). She added trim to one of Kate’s t-shirts to match one of the skirts. She made two slip covers for sleeping mats that I bought for the kids to use when they have sleepovers or just to throw down on the game room floor when they’re playing.


Kate is wearing the skirt Grandma made and top that she embellished. In the background is one of the tablecloths she made. Sorry for the blurriness of the picture.

My dad, ever the handyman, figured out how to adjust the brakes on our riding lawnmower (Mark had been using it with varying degrees of risk due to a brake issue), repaired our treadmill (that conveniently died only a few days after they arrived), helped Kyle re-assemble his x-box (Kyle took it apart to retrieve a stuck game disc, only to discover that he couldn’t put it back together again), tightened a few wobbly toilet seats, and fixed a shower head. And fixed Kate’s closet door, and probably a few other things that I forgot to mention.

My mom rescued some plants outside and she and dad picked up branches and put them through the wood chipper and otherwise helped out with yard work. So they definitely earned their keep!

They ended their visit with an Alaska Railroad trip to Denali. They had great weather and met lots of interesting people, paid too much for food and lodging, and saw plenty of wildlife.

Now they’re back home, and it’s time for another school year to begin. With two kids in high school and one elementary-age, it’s sure to be another flurry of activity, there’s no doubt about that. Maybe things will slow down for me by the time I reach my 48th wedding anniversary.


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