Yes, We Are (Were) Hot

We did, in fact, set another weather record. On Tuesday of this week, we broke the record high at an official 81 degrees. My car actually registered 84 degrees in one part of town. And at one of the smaller airports, 86 degrees was recorded.

We had windows open, fans going, and I actually put on shorts and a sleeveless top that I hadn’t worn since we moved here from Angola over two years ago. I even painted my toenails and wore sandals for a few days. It was short-lived, however; now we’re back to the more typical weather of mid-to upper 60s. Today it is around 55. But it was freakishly hot for awhile, and it really felt like summer.

In other news, I was driving around a nearby neighborhood this morning and saw a mama moose and her two babies, chowing down on some unsuspecting person’s beautiful flowers. This is my excuse for not having flowers in my front yard – it would only be a salad bar for the moose.




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