Here Comes the Sun

This has got to be another record – it is in my book anyway. We have had day after day of sunny, 70-degree weather and it has been fantastic. We’ve thrown the windows open to cool the house and headed outside to bask in the glorious warmth. I’ve even worn sandals a time or two and left the house without any kind of jacket. Incredible. This is our third summer in Alaska and is easily the warmest. Last summer we opened the windows once, I think, and I didn’t even consider wearing sandals or shorts.

Here’s a picture of the girls in the hammock we bought for the backyard. We’ve already had a few arguments over whose turn it is to use it. And I’ve taken my fair share of turns.


We also enjoyed a mini-vacation to Seattle, a city that is easy to get to from Anchorage – a mere 3-hour flight. Currently there is pretty cheap airfare from Anchorage to Seattle so we decided to take a quick trip before the summer filled up with other activities. Here are a few highlights:


First stop after arriving at 5 am – Krispy Kreme doughnuts. My deprived children had never had one of these doughnuts. It was heavenly.


The next stop – the original Starbucks store. I was in awe.


Three very tired kids on our first day – we had caught a red-eye flight and later in the afternoon they all begged to take a nap in the car.


For some reason, there are huge pigs like this one in various locations in downtown Seattle. So we decided to take a photo with one.


We took in a baseball game while we were there, it was a beautiful but cool evening.

Of course we saw the Space Needle and went up to the top and had lunch in the rotating and very spendy restaurant. But it was an overcast day so I didn’t get a good picture.

Now we’re back home and giddy about the summer weather. Any lack of posts mean that I’m outside enjoying a fabulous Alaskan summer.


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I've spent the last four years living in Africa, now I'm in Alaska. Let the adventures continue!
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  1. Yes, now is the time to come! It is actually 79 degrees today!!

  2. Sandra says:

    After the winter you had, I am sure this weather is even more appreciated!! Sounds like the PERFECT time to visit. Oh…to win the lottery!! How cool!!!

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