Forget Spring, Summer Is Here

I’ve taken the flannel sheets off the beds, pushed my wool socks to the back of the sock drawer, and can walk outside without a jacket. In Alaska, that means summer time is here. The snow is completely gone and the past few days have been gloriously warm and sunny.

On Memorial Day we reached 74 degrees, which is warmer than it was any day last summer. I’m hoping we’re in for a long stretch of beautiful summer days. We deserve it, after the longest season of snowfall ever in Anchorage. Again, another weather record was set. We had snow from September through May 18. Nine months with snowfall. That’s a lot, even for here.

I began writing this post from the waiting room at an oral surgeon’s office. Incidentally, the surgeon is a dead ringer for George Clooney. But that’s a meaningless bit of information. Poor Kyle had to have his wisdom teeth extracted, all four of them. His dentist had been saying for two years now that he needed to get them out, so I finally scheduled it. I figured it would be best to get it out of the way at the beginning of summer. Kyle pulled through just fine, the surgery only took 30 minutes. I had brought my book and laptop to the surgeon’s office in preparation for a long wait, but it went quickly and smoothly, thank God. Now he’s recovering at home and we have nothing on the calendar for a few days.

Speaking of the calendar, it has been a very busy month wrapping up school. The kids’ last day of school was May 23, which is also Mark’s birthday. Kate didn’t do a lick of work that last week but had Field Day, an outing to a local park, an end of school party, etc. The most she accomplished was cleaning out her desk. But Kyle and Sarah had finals all week, and studied hard for them. I think Kyle may finally be realizing that it helps your GPA to study hard all school year and not just at test time. Maybe.

A few other highlights of the month include –

  • a trip to the Downtown Soup Kitchen. Kate and I went to volunteer, along with the rest of her class. It was an enriching and eye-opening experience. The kids served soup and sandwiches and sang songs for the “clients”. I nearly cried when some of the men started singing “Jesus Loves Me” along with the kids.
  • volunteering in Kate’s classroom doing something new – listening to the children recite the Bible verses that they had memorized. Each week they memorize a passage of Scripture and then recite it for a grade. They had been working on Romans 12 (yes, the entire chapter) and parent volunteers were needed to listen to each child recite the passage individually. This was a remarkable feat for the children, and I was blown away at how well most of them did. It was good for my soul to hear that passage over and over too.
  • finishing up sports. Kyle finished his soccer season and Sarah wrapped up track. Sarah also was elected Secretary of the Freshman class for next year’s Student Council. She will be great in the role, I’m sure.
  • cleaning out lockers at school. Sarah found a missing pair of tennis shoes that had disappeared weeks ago, apparently to the dark recesses of the bottom of her locker. And Kyle discovered that a peanut butter and jelly sandwich will turn moldy after weeks of neglect. He also found his scientific calculator, which had been missing for months. He had been borrowing another student’s calculator because he thought he lost his. Evidently lockers have the capability of swallowing items for weeks or months and then regurgitating them unexpectedly.
  • getting more snow. On the aforementioned May 18, we got another dumping of snow. This was also the day of a huge neighborhood garage sale in my part of town. True to Alaskan form, the garage sales went on despite the snowfall and temperatures in the twenties. I braved the weather for a couple of hours, along with hundreds of other people. One house played Christmas music to draw customers. Another sold coffee and hot chocolate. I didn’t find too much, but it was fun to experience bargain shopping in the snow.
  • seeing Mary Poppins. Last weekend we went to see the Disney musical adaptation of Mary Poppins, it was phenomenal – Mark occasionally gets free tickets from his office for events like these. Kyle was off camping with a few friends and missed out (he wasn’t too sad about it), but the rest of us throughly enjoyed the spectacular show. Coming out of the theater at 10:45 pm and seeing daylight – that’s the most obvious sign that summer is here.

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    Thank you for the delightful post! I so enjoyed it! Keep them coming – whenever you can! Dorothy


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