Snow People

We got more snow on Easter weekend, and combined with warmer temperatures in the upper 30s it was perfect snow for making a snowman. Or snow people, in this case.

I naively thought that the kids would be making snowmen all the time when we moved to Alaska, since there is so much snow. I didn’t realize what a tricky business it is. The snow has to be the right quality – not too dry, dense and moist enough to stick together. Anchorage is a very dry climate, so the snow tends to be light and not sticky and wet. Not until spring anyway, when the temperatures rise and the snow starts to melt. That’s the perfect snowman-making snow.

Mark had told Kate he’d make a snowman with her on Easter weekend, and Sarah and I joined in the fun. We ended up making an entire snow family.






This one is Kate’s creation, a snow woman, complete with curled wire hair and eyelashes.

Now that the temperature is even warmer, in the low 40s, there’s not much left of our snow people. Oh well, there’s always next spring.


This guy is still hanging on, although he lost his face.



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