Lost and Found

Since I posted last, the following items have been “misplaced” by my teens:

One jacket (a Christmas gift)

Two different cell phones

One iPod

One t-shirt (also a Christmas gift)

Concession stand snack money

One biology binder

All but the jacket and one cell phone have been recovered – the iPod has been lost and recovered twice. The t-shirt, which had mysteriously vanished three weeks ago, just as mysteriously reappeared, magically, in the closet where it had vanished.

And here’s the story on the cell phone that was recovered (this cell phone has also been lost and recovered twice, now that I think about it. But I digress).

Child A realized the cell phone had been mistakenly left at school, it had probably fallen out of a jacket and was now in the parking lot. When I took Child A back to the school to look for it, we did indeed find a cell phone in the parking lot, in the exact spot where the missing phone was likely to be. But this was an entirely different phone, lost by an entirely different child. Child A searched this unknown phone for a familar contact, found one, and called Friend A. Friend A said, “Oh, that’s my brother’s phone, I guess he lost it. And I called your house and told your dad that Mr. School Superindendent just found  your phone and turned it in to the Lost and Found.”

The next day Child A took Friend A’s brother’s phone to school to reunite it with its owner and retrieved the missing cell phone from the lost and found.  So now Child B just has to locate the other missing phone, which we suspect is still in another Mystery Child’s soccer bag (identical to Child B’s soccer bag) and has most likely not yet been discovered. Because if Mystery Child is anything like Child B, he has not unpacked his soccer bag yet and will not do so until immediately before the next soccer game, which is this Saturday. So the phone might reappear at that point.

In other news, I skied again last week and didn’t fall even once. I think it helped that the terrain was completely flat. But not without scenery. I saw an eagle, but didn’t get a good picture of it because my phone’s camera couldn’t zoom in enough. Here’s a shot I did get, though.

Windows Phone_20130201_007


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2 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. Harold Cook says:

    Thank you for sharing. It brought a smile and chuckle to me after a long day. Dorothy


  2. Sandra says:

    Lol!!! My kid lost her retainer…she thinks a dog ate it…gonna get fitted for a new one tomorrow!

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