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Skiing Pics

Here’s the proof that I’ve tried cross country skiing. I say tried, because I don’t feel successful at it yet – I need lots more practice. And here are a few things I have discovered through my ski attempts: 1. … Continue reading

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First Cross Country Ski Outing

A few days after my last post, we returned to “normal” Alaska weather and it snowed several inches. Truly, if there isn’t snow in Alaska, there’s not much point to winter. I have been dying to get out there and … Continue reading

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A Few Favorite Gifts

This weather has been most unusual. Today it is 43 degrees, and the kids’ school was canceled due to icy roads. When the temperatures warm up like this, the snow melts, it gets down to freezing again during the night … Continue reading

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Christmas, Cooper Family Style

OK, here’s the post I was working on yesterday, in its entirety. We were sad to be so far away from extended family at this time of year, but it sure was fun to open the packages they mailed to … Continue reading

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So, in my newfound blogging inspiration, I accidentally published a post that I was still working on. The Christmas one. Sorry about that. The actual post will be coming soon.

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My Thoughts on Blogging

I’ve given it some thought, and I don’t think I’ll throw in the towel on blogging just yet. Thanks to those of you who offered kind words to encourage me to keep posting. Sometimes I fall into the comparison trap … Continue reading

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A Post – No, Not Really

The kids go back to school on Monday, so I will try to do some blogging catch up then, unless by some miracle I get a chance to post in the next few days. Not very likely, but that’s OK. … Continue reading

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