An Anniversary, School, Internet Theft and British TV

I realize I haven’t written anything in quite awhile – nearly two weeks have passed since my last post. But now that school is back in session, I’m going to take a little time out of my day and write.

I’ll start by recapping the last couple of weeks. Mark and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on the 12th of August. We decided to do something we had not done before – leave the kids home alone while we stayed overnight in a nearby hotel.

So my wonderful husband booked a room for us at the Alyeska Hotel, a ski resort that’s 40 miles from Anchorage. We’d already been to the area and gone hiking with the family, which is what gave us the idea for our anniversary getaway.

When it’s not ski season, there are plenty of summer activities to enjoy, such as hiking and biking trails near the hotel. There’s also a tram that you can take up to the top of the mountain for some breathtaking views.

So Mark and I hiked (and managed to see a bear, thankfully a safe enough distance away), picked blueberries, ate at a fabulous local restaurant, and just enjoyed each other’s company. And the kids managed just fine without mom and dad.

I have a few pictures that I’d like to add to this post but due to someone hacking into our wireless internet and nearly draining our allotted usage for the month we are severely limiting our internet use for the rest of the month to avoid overage charges. So I’ll upload and post pictures later. Yes, we did change our wireless router’s password so that hopefully this won’t happen again. *sigh*

School resumed yesterday and the girls are settling in to their new routines. Kate loves the fourth grade, her new teacher and being back with friends. Sarah’s mourning the loss of the lazy summer mornings but is finding eighth grade isn’t all that bad – not when you get free ice cream on the first day, anyway. And Kyle’s off at the high school retreat for three days. Yesterday’s weather was gorgeous, about 65 degrees and sunny. Today it’s rainy and 48. But he’s having a great time, I’m sure.

As for me, I’m doing the usual stay-at-home mom stuff while indulging in my latest obsession, British television shows. Thanks to a good friend in Houston, and to Netflix and my local library, I am now addicted to Doc Martin, Rosemary and Thyme, and Lark Rise to Candleford. Land Girls is another gem that I discovered. I can’t wait for Downton Abbey to resume its next season, I’ve already watched both seasons twice. Why can’t American television be this good?


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  1. WHAT?! That is indeed sad. I’m halfway through series 5, will get back to you on that.

  2. Sandra says:

    I finished Doc Martin….am anxious to find out what you think of this final series. I am the bearer of bad news….I read they are not filming the next series until LATE 2013!!! Argh! Why isn’t American television this good???? And why are their seasons SO short????????

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