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Wildlife Sightings

Friday, when we were driving home from the aforementioned garage sales, the girls and I saw this guy grazing. He was literally about a five-minute walk from our house. We have seen lots of moose, of course, but it is … Continue reading

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The Clubhouse

We have some great pine trees in our yard that Kate has claimed for her clubhouse. She loves to play outside when the weather is nice, which in the summertime is practically every day it’s not raining. Sarah joins in … Continue reading

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It’s beautiful again. The sun is shining, it’s approaching 70 degrees, and those who are stuck indoors are to be pitied.┬áKate loves being outside in this fabulous weather, and had an idea for total relaxation – reading in a hammock. … Continue reading

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What, Another Record Broken?

Turns out I wasn’t just imagining that it was colder this summer than last. We’ve had a grand total of about two sunny days in the past two weeks since we’ve returned from California. It’s been overcast, rainy, and way … Continue reading

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California Burgers

My family loves a good burger. We actually don’t eat them that often, once in a while at home or when eating out. But we most definitely eat them on vacation. While in San Diego, we decided to visit Hodad’s, … Continue reading

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Vacation Recap

I’m way overdue for some blogging, since my last post was about two weeks ago, from California. We’ve since returned home and have been home a week. Good grief, time flies. After our time of fun at the beach, alternately … Continue reading

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