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Appreciation – It’s a Good Thing

I met with Kate’s teacher the other day, to see how she was progressing in this new school. She’s doing quite well socially (no surprise there) and academically too. But she has faced a few challenges, mainly in math. She … Continue reading

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Meet the Flintstones

In the past few months I have discovered that I am woefully behind in all things technological. It’s mind-boggling how much technology has changed in the four years that my family and I spent in Africa. Of course, we weren’t … Continue reading

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Title Waves

Yesterday I took the kids to a fantastic used bookstore, called Title Wave Books. Mark and I explored this store when we were here house hunting in December. I was so excited to find it, because I knew my beloved … Continue reading

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Week in Review

It’s been a busy but fun week, here in this new city. Some of the highlights include, in no particular order: Found a great little burger joint. I had heard rave reviews from a few people about this place, they … Continue reading

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Snow and Coffee

Yesterday it started snowing here, for the first time since we arrived. The kids had been dying to see it actually snow. So they were thrilled when they got their wish. When I picked them up from school, it was … Continue reading

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Exercise (or Lack Thereof)

I have got to get into some kind of exercise routine. I was exercising regularly in Luanda. I had a tennis lesson once a week, a killer workout with a great instructor. I went to exercise classes on the compound … Continue reading

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Forgot Two

I can’t believe I forgot two things that should have been included in my top ten list (actually that would make it a top twelve list now). 1. I’m not sleeping under a mosquito net anymore. 2. I can shop … Continue reading

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